FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do you accept Newbies or Novices?

Absolutely. I have been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for my entire adult life, active in the BDSM community, and a frequent teacher/instructor for novices/newbies in the scene. I am adept at welcoming people into the lifestyle and instructing them on how to explore their desires in a safe and consensual manner.

2.  Do you accept same day appointments?

Rarely. Apparently, it is a shocking fact that I do not dress in full fetish wear every morning and wait next to the phone for someone to call, so I can rush to see them within an hour of initial contact. Surprisingly, I am a REAL PERSON, with a LIFE outside of my sessions, and if I am not booked, I am most likely busy leading said life.

I do not drop things and run because you cannot plan ahead.

I do not schedule someone because they decided to call me at 10pm feeling randy or wake up at 6am with naughty thoughts and think I want to share them. Manners, they matter.

ADVANCED NOTICE is practically a necessity, so plan accordingly. I prefer 12-24 hours’ notice to book. The absolute shortest window of time I will work with is 3-4 hours from point of contact to appointment time, and that will only occur if I’m not already booked. So, again: PLAN AHEAD.

3. How can I contact you?

You may email me any time at                                            and I will do my best to respond in 24-48 hours, but I can get behind on email, and you must call to book your appointment. If you do not hear from me or need a quicker response, I encourage a follow-up call.

I take calls daily from 10am-11pm at                           This is the quickest way to reach me. I only accept text messages from established clients. I do not accept calls from blocked or private numbers.

4. When are you available for sessions:

Ideally, I am available daily from noon – 10pm (initial appointment time, I commonly have sessions run much later).  Saturdays & Sundays vary, so PLAN IN ADVANCE. I will do my best to keep my schedule updated here, but contact me to confirm availability.

I am not a morning person. REPEAT: I am not a morning person. Morning sessions are bad for everyone involved, if you are a morning person, find someone else to see. I will not adapt to your schedule, I am quite comfortable in mine.

5. Is the Dungeon Clean, Safe, Discreet?

Yes, yes, yes. I’m Southern and OCD, so my standards of housekeeping and hospitality surpass the average person, and I tend to clean my playroom with even more care than my personal living spaces. I can recite chapter and verse on sterilization, anti-microbial and disinfectant cleaning, according to the CDC’s guidelines, if you are so inclined to hear it. Bottom line, I’ve never had any health, welfare or safety issues and I don’t plan on issues in the future.

Discretion relies on the client as much as the Dominatrix. My oubliette is in a private, residential neighborhood; I have been here six years with no problems. Parking is always available, security has never been an issue. I ask that you park and enter in a discreet and respectable fashion, and I will conduct my business likewise. 

6. Where are you located?

For security, I only disclose my precise location after screening, when confirmation of a session has been received. However, I am centrally located, close to downtown, with plenty of taxis, public transportation, and parking available to meet your travel needs.

6. How long do You prefer to session?

My most common session times are 1.5 hours (minimum), 2 hours and 2.5 hours, but I have done up to 4-5 hours of continuous play and even longer when the scene/session includes restraint/confinement/TPE.

7. Do You offer extended/overnight sessions?

Overnights are gaining popularity and can definitely be arranged with advanced notice, but do require a deposit to book.

8. How Much is Your Tribute Rate?


8. Do I need to bring anything when I visit?

You are welcome to bring anything you like, but there are no requirements for anything to be provided.

9. ARE there any requirements?

Although there are some societal differences in hygiene I expect anyone I spend time with to be freshly showered, with proper amounts of deodorant or cologne and recently brushed teeth. I prefer clients age 25-75, but will accept others, if our interests and personalities match. I am less inclined to accept younger clients, because I find my personality to be more appreciative of people in my own peer groups or older. I expect you to arrive and leave in a civilized manner, in street clothes, and not draw undo attention to yourself. I expect you to NEVER BE EARLY and arrive in a timely fashion. I expect you to be respectful, polite and patient.

10. Are you willing to see people who are [x]?

I will book anyone that fulfills my booking requirements, is respectful, clean and courteous – that includes any race, gender identity or disability. I do ask for complete disclosure before a session – anything I need to know to accommodate you – and if you cannot behave according to my standards, I will refuse to schedule you. Do not blame behavior on race, origin, ethnicity or gender. Ignorance comes in all shades, shapes and sizes – don’t try to shame/guilt a provider into a session if you are behaving badly. It won’t work.

11. Do You Travel? Will You come to my city?

I do love to travel and see different cities, however I do not do so often, for various reasons.  When I do so, I will post a travel schedule on my website. I will make specific trips to a particular city for a client ONLY when the following occur: the entire session, travel fees and lodging are paid in advance by the client, all contact information checks out, references are provided, and my schedule is free. Guess how often this happens? Hahaha.

12. Can I be Your Personal Servant/Slave?

No. I am NOT looking for a live-in, 24/7 piece of property, ever. It doesn’t suit my ideologies about the lifestyle. And any personal relationship is not developed instantaneously. If you haven’t seen me regularly for a year as a client, inquiring about personal service is NOT going to go well. Such a role begins with regular sessions over an extended period of time. Then if you have proven yourself committed and dependable, and are truly serious about service - more personal tasks, service, or expectations may be assigned. But my standards are incredibly high, and asking to go down the service road means true dedication to the lifestyle.

13. Can I see You Naked/Topless?

It’s called CFNM for a reason.

14. Do You require deposits?

For lengthier appointments, I require a deposit. Cancellations, general flakiness and repeated re-scheduling will incur a deposit.  No-calls/no-shows will be added to My Blacklist, and will not be allowed to session with Me.

15. Do you accept Outfit/Ensemble Requests?

Within reason and time constraints.

16. Can I bring you an outfit?

I suggest you check out                                                  for a thorough answer to this question.

17. Do You offer Double Sessions with other Dominatrixes?

I have offered duo sessions with other switches or submissives, but finding people who are available and share my play dynamic is difficult, and I am currently playing solo only. If that changes, I will update accordingly.

18. What do you mean by chronic illness?

Ah, the loaded question. Firstly, I have no communicable diseases of any kind. Secondly, we aren’t sure exactly what I *do* have, but I won’t deny that at this point, my health defines my life. It is why I began doing sessions – I can set my own schedule, I don’t have to work a 40-hour week, I usually have a few good hours each day and I am my own boss and therefore accommodate my own health accordingly.

Here’s what I know: It’s auto-immune, but not lupus or RA, we think MAST cell, POTS, or EDS and all of those seem to throw your whole body into havoc. We know I have hypothyroidism, chronic inflammation of the joints, connective tissue and muscles, RLS (I wake about 6x an hour), fatigue, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, anemia and a clotting disorder that was discovered when I had pulmonary emboli in both lungs last year. The next step is genetic testing and continuing to throw medication at things while fighting for healthcare and my insurance to continue.

I do *NOT* want sympathy, and it annoys the shit out of me when people say, “If you don’t feel like doing x, y, or z then I understand.” Unless you have been a primary caregiver or live life with chronic illness, I highly doubt you truly understand. And if I lived my life sitting on the sidelines until I felt great, I’d never do anything. You adjust to a new normal.

I began doing sessions as temporary financial fix until I figured things out about my health, and now my sessions, and this world, is the biggest part of my life. It is no longer a temporary fix, this is my identity. I am a professional Dominatrix, and I’m not going anywhere. No matter how bad I may feel, this is always in my head. I walk into my Oubliette and the focus is on you, on that moment, and everything else falls into the background. I am more into what I do than anyone you’ll meet, BECAUSE of my health.

19. Do you enjoy what you do?

See previous statement. This was already a part of my lifestyle, since I first became an adult. If I don’t enjoy it, I don’t do it in a session, period. This is the real deal, and pretending for your sake does no one any good. My hard limits are things I don’t enjoy, no judgement to those who do, those are activities not for me. My sessions are fantastic because I’m really in the moment with you, and that’s how I like to keep it.

20. Is there anything about offering sessions that you do not enjoy?

Fuck YES. I hate doing website maintenance, photos, editing, uploading and anything that requires more digital/technical expertise than Word applications and social media. It drives my patience. I rather paint with a brush in my hand, not on a screen, so to speak. Also? I hate wankers who call and waste my time, and I hate having to fight with people to screen them and book them, and I hate no call/no shows. Respect me, respect my time, respect my space and you’ll never have any issues with me. Forget that and we’re going to have a problem.

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