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Gifts and tips are always

appreciated and can be as simple

as additional tribute, a gift card from the retailers listed, something from my Wishlists

or inspired by my Favorites list. For the best result, please keep receipts and/or consult me if you want to purchase clothes, shoes, or anything that isn’t explicitly listed here.  Clothing and shoes are problematic, and buying them without consulting me will go badly almost every time. Thank you for wanting to tip or give a

gift to me. - Mistress

Katrina Monroe


Hostess Gift: ICE, especially chewy ice.
♛ Drink (non-alcoholic): sweet iced tea, Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino, 7-Up.
♛ Drink (alcoholic): Tom Collins or Gin Rickies w/ Hendrick's or Tanqueray Gin.
♛ Candy: white chocolate only (allergic to cacao, please don't bring chocolates).
♛ Cuisine: SUSHI, Indian, Greek, Thai, Cajun/Creole.
♛ Snack: Fruit, Asiago, Stilton cheeses, shaved deli turkey, teriyaki beef jerky.

♛ Magazine: Martha Stewart Living

♛ Flower: Tiger Lily or Stargazer Lily

♛ Perfume: Givenchy Organza Indecence
♛ Jewelry: silver, owls, sloths, pagan.
♛ Color: puce in various shades/hues, black, silver.
♛ Shopping: Thrift stores.
♛ Yankee Candle (seasonal favorites):
Feb-March: Red Raspberry, Sweet Strawberry, Sage and Citrus
April-June: Pink Sands, Catching Rays,
Sun & Sand
July-August: Juicy Watermelon, Midsummer’s Night, Black Coconut
September-November: Mountain Lodge, Autumn Leaves, Autumn in the Park
December-January: Silver Birch, Poinsettia,
Macintosh, Red Apple Wreath

♛ City: New Orleans

♛ Season: Autumn
♛ Holiday: Halloween
♛ Domestic Animal: cat, obviously.
♛ Wild Animal: three toed tree sloth
♛ Music: classic rock, 90's alternative
♛ Sport: swimming, yoga
♛ Guilty Pleasure: sugar & retail therapy
♛ Author: Anne Rice, Jenny Lawson, Laurell K Hamilton
♛ Movies: Nightmare Before Christmas, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Chasing Amy, Kingdom of Heaven
♛ TV: documentaries, crime drama, awesome sitcoms and adult cartoons

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