Instructional and Couples Sessions  

I frequently say that booking a session with me is 100x easier than meeting a personal play partner or introducing BDSM and kink into a vanilla relationship. However, what if you are fortunate enough to have a partner who is willing to play . . . . but she (or he) has no idea how to dominate you? Perhaps you are both submissive and need a hand learning how to “top” each other. You may have zero experience and want to play “rough” but need instruction on safety and procedure. Or perhaps you need to talk out your interests with a mediator/third party and figure out how your fantasies work for each other.

All those scenarios and many more give demand to Instructional and/or Couples Sessions. If you want to bring your partner for a session together, let’s discuss it! I can offer instruction, demonstration, trio-play, dominate either of you, or both of you. Couples sessions are 1.5 hours to start, with a full hour of discussion beforehand, and rates start at $250. Contact me for more information and scheduling.

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