It's best to begin with my “Hard Limits”, since that list is much shorter than the list of things I enjoy and offer in sessions. I expect potential clients to read over my website BEFORE contacting me, and therefore understand inquiries involving anything I list as a hard limit will be ignored.

Asking for something I list as a hard limit during a session will result in the termination of your session with no refund.

Hard Limits: any sexual services, including activities that end in -job or -ingus, I don’t session nude, don’t ask. ABDL, infantalism, brown, rainbow/roman, and ruby showers; castration or anything that can cause permanent damage, change or harm. Race play or extreme verbal abuse/humiliation. “Forced bi”- I don’t supply submissive men and have no desire to go ‘round them up about town. Cuckold sessions – I’m not your private porno.

My interests:

Bondage – restraints, rope, encasement and mummification, predicament bondage, sensory deprivation and caging.

Chastity training – I will key hold, but you must supply your own device, schedule a session that includes putting the device on and then a follow-up session no more than 10 days later for removal. Your schedule can possibly be lengthened after I have experience with how you handle it, but I will always schedule frequent checks for your health and safety. If you cannot afford a weekly follow-up for your chastity device, don’t ask about chastity training.

Corporal Punishment and Impact Play - Caning, flogging, whipping, crops, paddles, dragon’s tail, and many other implements, used in CBT, bastinado, full body punishment, etc.

Discipline and correction - atone for your misdeeds. Bare handed spankings, hairbrush spankings, mouth soaping, corner time, writing lines, repetitious acts, and more.

Electrical Play - Violet Wand and Tens Unit, from light for novices to intense play for seasoned players.

Fetish indulgence - Foot, high heel, and boot worship; latex, gloves, stockings, corsets, vaping. Body Worship – Please note: Areas of the body that would be covered by a bathing suit or underwear are off limits.

Fire play – Cupping, wanding, drumming.

Humiliation and Degradation – with some limitations based on MY comfort level. My number one concern is your well-being, mentally as much as physically. Generally, I prefer teasing over an angry approach.

Medical Play – Needle play, intimate examinations, catheterization, enemas, saline injections, insertables, medical devices.

Role-play – Naughty student/teacher, nurse/patient, therapist/patient, feminist and misogynist (I recommend this one for all men).

Sensory play – CBT, NT, Tease and Denial, blindfolds, earplugs, ballgags, sensory play items, tickling.

Slave Training – Intensive high-protocol training for the dedicated and worthy submissive.

Toy Play - Strap, plugs, more. Details to be discussed in person and approached at your comfort level and experience.

Instructional & Couples Sessions -

 Interests AKA What I Do and Do NOT Offer 

WARNING: This site contains material of an adult nature; information and images related to Mistress Katrina Monroe and consenting adults participating in Fetish, Kink, BDSM, Bondage & Discipline, Sado-Masochism, Dominance and Submission. You must be at least 21 years old to enter Mistress Katrina's oubliette. If you are not 21+ years old, or are easily offended by subjects of an adult nature, do not continue.

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