I’m Katrina Monroe. You may call me Mistress.

I’m a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix with over 15 years of personal experience in the BDSM lifestyle and community. I’ve offered professional sessions for seven years. I grew up in a small Southern/Appalachian town, and managed to simultaneously be different yet popular, sexually adventurous and not considered “slutty”, unique but well-liked. Looking back, I attribute this to my Dominant personality. I frequently say, “I did not discover BDSM and become a Dominant, I’ve always been Dominant, then discovered BDSM.”

My love of B&D, S&M, fetish and fantasy took hold through literature, beginning with reading the erotica of Anne Rice. Exit to Eden is still today the most influential book of my life. As soon as I became an adult, I moved from my small hometown to Philadelphia, PA and went looking for a scene. I found it in spades, through dating a variety of interesting people, several adult industry professionals – a fetish photographer and porn director, among others – who kept me plugged into the local scene. Back then, it was a word of mouth world, before the Internet changed the scene of the BDSM communities.

A few years later, I moved to Indianapolis, and by keeping an ear to the ground, I again found a local community through word of mouth. I stayed active in the scene and lifestyle. I belonged to a private dungeon, attended events, took classes and networked. Later I lead discussion groups, taught classes and helped run events. After being in the lifestyle for damn near a decade, I decided I could give pro sessions a shot. I finally felt like I knew enough to be able to give a fantastic experience to someone, no matter their interests.

After seven years of doing sessions, I can confidently say that I am an incredible professional and lifestyle Dominatrix. I can create a scene that fulfills your wildest and darkest fantasies, combine pleasure and pain, build you up and guide you back down, satisfying us both along the way and giving you the best experience for which you could ask. It is better experienced than described, obviously, and you can contact me              to schedule your session.

When I’m not doing sessions, I’m likely crafting, sewing, cooking, baking or reclaiming some thrift store find and making it something one-of-a-kind. I am a juxtaposition of Betty Paige and Betty Crocker, a kinky Martha Stewart who is busy creating her very own 'Better Homes and Dungeons'. The juxtaposition is such a unique blend, I’m adding a lifestyle blog and online store of handcrafted BDSM merchandise to my brand marketing in the near future. I also hope to finish out my degree so I can offer sex therapy in addition to sessions, which is already a huge part of what I do.

I manage to be high and low maintenance all at once. I love cosmetics and products, shoes, clothes and bags – but I’m so ridiculously frugal, I can’t compare to your typical woman. I CAN spend way too much at a craft or fabric store, I have standing monthly dates for thrift shopping, and I love yard sales. I like pink, purple, cats, glitter, costume jewelry, high heels, and anything else a typical ultra-femme lady loves. I am very knowledgeable about antiques, art, jewelry, food, liquor, beer and spirits. At the same time, I grew up in the country, so I can farm, dress a deer, can and pickle, and I make everyone’s “zombie apocalypse survival” list. I’m nothing if not a contradiction in terms, which is after all, the Southern way.

A self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady”, I have no family, no children, no significant others (please do not apply for the position, it annoys me) and not a lot of free time. Besides my DIY/craft/artistic hobbies, I do balance life around chronic illness, taking care of my furry felines, cleaning and being OCD about my living space, and being a social butterfly. I am highly intelligent, well-educated and well-rounded. I also am a highly political person, I do a lot of volunteer work, activism and campaigning. If my lifestyle doesn’t indicate it, I’m a progressive liberal. If that disagrees with your viewpoints, I’m not sure why you are here in the first place. But I won’t question it, just keep your opinions to yourself.

I appreciate clients who are polite, respectful professionals. Honesty is paramount, as is intelligence and some semblance of social awareness. Attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions are icing on the cake. Please, read over my website thoroughly, including my FAQ and Contact Etiquette. Pay heed to my booking instructions, and call to schedule your appointment with me, Mistress Katrina Monroe, Indianapolis’ one, true Fem-Domme.

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