You are compensating me for my time, my knowledge, materials and space/location. It does not mean I am under obligation to make myself physically available to you. Any assumptions to that end will not be appreciated and may result in the termination of our time together. I am not an escort. I do not offer sexual services. I am an educator and facilitator of discipline, fantasy and control.

Speaking of location, the Oubliette is a fully functioning play space. It does not break down, it does not pack well, which is why I *rarely* do outcall sessions. I will never visit your home, for my security and comfort, I will only visit your hotel if you are an established client with a packed schedule and give me advanced notice. If I am visiting your city, I will have an established location set-up and same rules apply.

When we spend time together it is assumed that you will cover all relevant expenses which may arise - meals, transport, events, etc.

I prefer not to discuss or remind you of my fees, so please have the correct amount ready and place on the coffee table directly after entrance, this ensures our arrangement will function smoothly for us both.

I will sit and chat with you for at least ½ hour upon meeting, and this is not included in my hourly rate and I do not charge for this time, but you do need to allow for it in your schedule. Discussion time is non-negotiable.

My tributes are as follows:

  •  $175 – 1.5 hour (minimum appointment length offered)

  •  $225 – 2 hours

       Medical play sessions are a 2-hour minimum.

  •  $275 – 2.5 hours

  •  $325 – 3 hours

  •  $425 – 4 hours

       Any encounter past 4 hours and I need to rest, recharge

       and hydrate.

Extended sessions, overnights, 24 hour overnights and weekends are becoming increasingly popular. If spending just a few hours isn’t enough time to indulge your need for discipline and fulfills your fantasy desires, then look at a longer visit with me.

  •  Overnights begin at $750.

       This includes up to four hours of play and some kind of

       predicament situation for sleep or an overnight in my

       guest room. I do require a full night’s rest and meal, both

       of which can be incorporated into your experience.

       Details upon request and good-faith deposit.

  •  24 hour begins at $1100.

       This includes up to 6 hours of play or 8 hours total

       including confinement, sleep and plenty of service and

       pampering. You will receive 2 meals and snacks to be

       arranged during discussion. The entire period will be an

       experience in power exchange and real-life D/S.

       Details upon request and good-faith deposit.

These longer engagements - due to their intimate nature - may

be declined at my discretion.

WARNING: This site contains material of an adult nature; information and images related to Mistress Katrina Monroe and consenting adults participating in Fetish, Kink, BDSM, Bondage & Discipline, Sado-Masochism, Dominance and Submission. You must be at least 21 years old to enter Mistress Katrina's oubliette. If you are not 21+ years old, or are easily offended by subjects of an adult nature, do not continue.

All pictures/images found on this site portray individuals over the age of 21 at the time the pictures were recorded. All images are the property of Mistress Katrina and shall not be copied, shared or distributed.